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When it comes to armor carrier systems there has always been, and always will be a balancing act between strength, weight, and modularity. That is, until now. The Foundation Series Plate Carrier utilizes cutting edge fabric technology to deliver a highly modular armor carrier system that is also incredibly lightweight yet adaptable and ready for any mission. We all know, ounces equal pounds when it comes to fighting gear. Weighing in right at one pound (Without Armor), the Foundation Plate Carrier helps you shed pounds where it counts ensuring you can go farther, longer, faster and stronger than before. This is achieved using our laminate 1000D/500D laser cut, laminate nylon providing peak weight reduction without sacrifice in strength. Modularity, because missions change, and you need to be ready to adapt. It is out of this basic need that the Foundation Plate Carrier is ready to adapt with you. By utilizing removable split-bar buckles and standardized interchangeable placards, you will have the modularity to scale back and forth between Foundation Plate Carriers and Foundation Chest Rigs, rapidly reconfiguring your gear for whatever mission comes next.