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AXL Advanced

AXL Advanced - Comms Sled

AXL Advanced - Comms Sled

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The CommSled mounts the PTT offset to the carrier and flexibly allows clearance of ATAK and similar systems, as well as lower profile mounting and improved access to PTT controls. Using shockcord, the CommSled pulls the outer edge of the PTT into the intercostal space of the plate carrier and keeps it spaced so that EUD devices can be used without interference by larger PTTs. Features: Non-destructive, simple installation using factory PTT components Offsets the PTT to the side of your carrier Improves clearance for carrier-mounted electronics (ATAK, etc.) Includes: CommSled 2x Shock cord 1/8" thick, 16" long MultiMount CommSled Compatibility: Falcom Dual PTT Falcom Single PTT Nexus M917715-2 / U94 TEA Single PTT

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