Crye Precision GB4 Fieldshell 2

Crye Precision GB4 Fieldshell 2

Crye Precision GB4 Fieldshell 2 
Date: 11/01/2021
Item: CRYE GB4 FIELDSHELL 2 (Multicam)
Size: X - Large
Price: £269.99
Initial Impression: Lets kick this off by saying WOW! This is one of the first Fieldshells from Crye Precision I have ever purchased or had the pleasure of testing for a prolonged period. Usually you would find me in multiple trusted Arc’teryx layers or other highly recognized heavy hitters such as Carinthia, brands and companies that you would associate with dominating this particular field within which Crye have never really made their presence known. 
Now I cannot lie, I am a big fan of the Crye G3 All Weather range and was very happy to receive a softshell made of a very similar material, especially with the athletic close body fit that this garment offers, to which my immediate thought was wearing this fieldshell under an armour carrier will not only be comfortable but the fieldshell is light weight and has an abundance of technical features, which we will cover shortly. 
Overall, my initial first impression of this garment is excellent and I look forward to testing it more over the coming months. 
Construction: As mentioned previously the Crye GB4 Fieldshell 2 material is very close in direct relation to that of the Crye G3 All Weather range, there is a very slight difference in regards to the Nylon to Spandex blend percentages (G3 - 91% Nylon : 9% Spandex, GB4 - 93% Nylon : 7% Spandex) however the overall comfort and maneuverability we have come to expect from that of the G3 All Weather range has transferred into the GB4 Fieldshell 2 perfectly.
The material itself is a 4 way stretch laminate and sports the signature Crye Precision multicam pattern on all of the finely machined panels, minus that of the dual Velcro sections located on the arms of the garment and all of the YKK zips located across the GB4 fieldshell. 
The GB4 Fieldshell 2 has dual zips located in the under section of each arm and allows the garment to fully open to the lower layer, making for a very short cool-down period, and allowing the quick circulation of cool air. Zip locations on the GB4 Fieldshell 2 also include the main 2-way zip on the front of the garment with 4 way stretch underlayer and zip garage to protect against snagging. Two more zips are located on the bicep of each arm to access low profile admin pockets as well as your standard hand placement pockets located on the front of the GB4 Fieldshell. 
Perhaps one of the best construction ideas with this garment is that of the seam placement, which often seems to be overlooked by other leading outdoor companies in regard to the individual carrying a bag or other transportable equipment. With the GB4 we can see that the main seam in which would usually be present across the trapezius, and thus the main shoulder area for load bearing, has been relocated to the top of the chest and upper back. In fact with the construction of the GB4 we can see that the garment has been created with the end user in mind and can clearly see that the functionality of this garment has come as a top priority during the design process. 
Overall, the construction of the Crye Precision GB4 Fieldshell 2 is very impressive and will definitely be a contender to rival that of similar products currently available to civilians and serving personnel. 
Features: So, let's get into this, firstly it goes without saying that this fieldshell is loaded with great features designed with the performance for the end user at the forefront of the manufacturing process. 
-Perhaps one of the vital features which separates this particular model front the standard Fieldshell 2 is the Velcro closure Rank slide located on the front of the GB4 Fieldshell 2, for serving men and women (a non-civilian feature of this garment).
-The Collar of the GB4 Fieldshell 2 is lined with a soft fleece material and zipper placket allowing protection from snagging and extra comfort around the user’s neck when fully zipped up. 
-As previously mentioned, dual bicep low profile admin pockets are present on both arms of the garment allowing for separation of stored equipment and ambidextrous usage. 
-Located at the cuffs we find internal wrist baffles, made from a soft stretch material in order to fit closely to the users wrist these in turn prevent the wind from entering the garment via the sleeves and increase user comfort when wearing the GB4 Fieldshell. 
-Dual zips are located underneath each arm and run parallel to the users inner bicep, armpit and side torso area allowing for breath-ability when opened and give the user direct access to the layer of clothing below when wearing armor carriers or other load bearing equipment.  
-Located inside of the GB4 Fieldshell 2, directly behind the front pockets, are 2 mesh lined storage pockets, which also double as a housing for the internal drawstring elastic base adjusters and allow for internal storage for general admin and low profile items. 
-The lightweight 4 way stretch laminate creates a lightweight and slick design whilst the moisture wicking knit interior allows for breathability and comfort whilst wearing the GB4 Fieldshell, the Fieldshell also contains an advanced Nano STX treatment for shedding certain weather conditions such as rain and snow. 
-Surpasses MIL-C-44187 for Waterproof Breathable Laminates in Moisture Vapor Transport Rate and Water Repellence
Initial Testing/Findings: When first wearing the GB4 Fieldshell 2 from Crye Precision I was very impressed with the overall feel and fit of the garment and was one of the first shells I have ever put on and immediately thought it was money well spent. As with most Fieldshells available on the market today the GB4 does not contain an insulating layer, which if being used for colder conditions and heavier weather, is recommended to be combined with that of the Crye Precision LOFT Jacket allowing for a more comfortable experience when operating at temperatures between 0-10 degrees Celsius. 
The GB4 fieldshell is the perfect mixture of quality and design when it comes to a lightweight shell which can be combined with different inner layers or placed over other Crye Precision jackets, such as the LWF, in order to create a low profile and sleek garment for warmth, comfort and maneuverability. 
I have been awaiting a product like this one for some time and I am now eager to try it throughout the spring/summer/autumn months, and thus based on my initial testing of the GB4 I believe that this fieldshell will be perfect for hiking, walking, and other similar applications as well as for serving applications such as its use under a load bearing device, plate carrier or other piece of equipment or be it as a useful tool in a combination of garments for different environments.