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Please note these items are all made to item so you get the most up to date tubes on the market. The current lead time is 8-10 weeks

Dual-Tube Night Vision Goggles PVS-31C

This is the basic model

PVS-31C is a high-performance dual-tube type night vision binoculars. Precisely and ruggedly built�housing and optics meet or exceed�military specifications. PVS-31C can be used as handheld or with head gear, helmet mount assemblies for hands free use. Thanks to dual-tube design, PVS-31C delivers depth perception and allows using PVS-31C to operate various machines, boats etc., in addition to basic ground operations. A dual-tube night vision�system has proved to be safer and more effective in low-light conditions compared to a �bi-ocular� system, commonly known as �PVS-7�, which is a �one lens-two eyes� type of NVD.
Gen 2+ Image Intensifier Tubes�
Selective Channel Engagement
Versatile and Ergonomic
All-Aluminium Housing
7-Year Warranty�� �
Available for Export. ITAR-free


Optical Magnification�� �1X
Objective Lenses�� �25mm, f/1.2
Field of View (FOV)�� �40�
Focusing Range�� �0.25m .. Infinity
Diopter Adjustment Range�� �-4 .. +4
Interpupillary Adjustment Range�� �52mm .. 72mm
Built-In IR Illuminator�� �Yes
Momentary IR-On Button�� �Yes
IR-On Indicator�� �Yes
Manual Gain Control�� �Optional At Additional Cost
Automatic Brightness Control�� �Yes
Bright Light Cut-Off�� �Yes
Automatic Light Overload Shut-Off System�� �Yes
Any Polarity Battery Insertion�� �Yes
Selective Channel Engagement�� �Optional
Power Source�� �1pc AA or 1 pc CR123
Battery Life�� �Up to 40 hours
Environmental Protection�� �IP66 or Better (Optional)
Operating Temperature�� �-40�C .. +50�C

What's in the box:

PVS-31C Goggles

AA Battery Extender

Sacrificial Windows

Daytime Filters

USB Power Cable

Demist Shields

Shoulder Strap

Soft Pouch