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CNVD-22 is the clip-on night vision device designed to seamlessly pair with direct-view(daytime) scopes to endue them low-light observation capabilities for extended-range reconnaissance, target acquisition and engagement.

CNVD-22 offers convenience of installation and usage: with fast and easy pairing with your existing daytime scope no re-zeroing or removal of the day scope is required. Conversion fromnight vision to day scope mode and back is done is seconds.

CNVD-22 is a perfect tool for sniper applications and all other scenarios where stealth, speed and precision are the key factors for successful mission accomplishment.


Optical Magnification
Objective Lens Focal Length 80mm (Catadioptric Lens)
Objective Lens F-number f/1.6
Field of View (FOV) 13°
Focusing Range 10m .. Infinity
Dayscopes Multiplicity 1X -12X (Optimum: 7X - 10X)
Power Source 1pc CR123
Battery Life Up to 55 Hours
Environmental Protection IPX6 or Better (Optional)
Dimensions 185x66x79mm
Weight 590 grams
Operating Temperature -40°C .. +50°C
Warranty 7 Years, Limited
Export Available for Export Worldwide
Boresight Characteristics:
Accuracy Factory Aligned to 1/2 MOA or Better
Retention Permanent to within 1 MOA or Better
Repeatability Within 1/2 MOA
Available Configurations (Image Intensifier Tubes)
Model Name Generation FOM
CNVD-22-MA1 2+ 1000 .. 1250
CNVD-22-GA2 3 1600 .. 1799
CNVD-22-GA3 3 1800+
CNVD-22-XR5 XR5, Autogated 1600 .. 1799
CNVD-22-XR5-ONYX XR5, Autogated, White Phosphor 1600 .. 1799
CNVD-22-4G 4G, Autogated 1800+